Vocals & Saxophone

As lead vocalist, Anneka has the ability to get a crowded room on her side and will have them singing and dancing along throughout the night.


Having started out at the tender age of 14 playing saxophone in a soul band, then going on to sing and write music for a rock and metal band and having had her songs played in mainstream US TV, Anneka's talents are boundless.


Her songwriting has seen her perform alongside many popular and mainstream artists such as; Toploader, The Hoosiers, Matt Berry and The Blockheads to name but a few.


Whether it's singing acoustic or partying hard with ATP, Anneka's superb vocals and energetic performances are her trademark.

Hailing from Kildare, Ireland; Tom's own signiture style and sweet guitar tones set ATP apart from your average cover band.


Playing all styles of guitar from acoustic through to metal, Tom's diverse musicality shines though in ATP.


Like Anneka, he has also written songs for mainstream US TV and has toured the length and breadth of the UK. His songwriting and studio work has taken him to many countries and he's played with artists such as; Toploader, The Hoosiers, Lacuna Coil, Blue October and many more.  


Tom's undeniable experience and his passion for music sets him aside from others and encapsulates the vision of ATP.

Captain Ken earns his wings by ensuring that each ATP performance is mixed with a keen ear and is closely monitored to allow for the best quality in sound and lighting.

With over 30 years experience and having worked for the likes of Channel 4, The Fox Network and Shadowline Films, Richard's talents don't just stop at being a bassist. 


Richard is a multi-instrumentalist and also backs up the vocals during live performances with a voice that compliment Anneka's perfectly.


Holding down the low end bass, Richard adds the soul, groove and backbone to every Audio Test Pilots performance.

Sound & Lighting engineer
Bass, Backing Vocals & Keyboards

A little bit about us

Audio Test Pilots perform the very best songs that span the decades with a set list for all generations to enjoy and dance along to. We pride ourselves on our customer service and endeavour to liaise closely with our clients from the moment of first contact to ensure that we create the perfect atmosphere for your event.


Experienced Professionals

Each band member has toured the UK in various musical outfits, has countless live playing experience and has performed alongside and worked with many well established artists and music producers. The band members have had their own musical works published, have composed for TV and film and have travelled abroad playing and recording music. They are a hard working band and are guaranteed to impress.


Audio Test Pilots are a three piece outfit comprising of vocals, guitar and bass, playing live to samples that are performed, recorded and programmed by themselves in their own studio, giving it a truly authentic and accurate sound.

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